It was in July 2018 that 15-year-old Toby Finnett was the victim of a fatal accident while in Paxos, Greece. The young son of the director of a large oil company Paul Finnett fell from a speedboat that was going through the water at full speed. After being postponed many times, the judicial investigation finally brought this story to a conclusion in December 2021. It was explained that Tony Finnett was the victim of a negligent homicide according to the medical examiner, and one person, whose name was not released, was given a 14-month suspended sentence.

According to a statement by court forensic scientist Michael Bebee, “On July 14, 2018, Toby Finnett was on vacation with his family in Corfu when he passed over the speedboat they were all in. Injured, he was injured. taken to a local medical center where he died of his injuries. His death was confirmed at 4:40 pm “. The 15-year-old boy, after falling from the boat, suffered serious injuries to his head, chest and left arm. Still according to the medical examiner, “he was struck several times by the propeller of the outboard”.

The victim was stuck in the propellers of the boat

Originally from England, the Finnett family were living in Houston, Texas during the tragic accident that killed Toby. According to the Daily Mail, the teenager’s father – who has a boating license – had rented a speedboat for the day to take his son Toby along with his 17-year-old son Benjamin and his beau – 14 year old son Kai Stark. It was when Paul Finnett piloted the boat off the coast of the island of Paxos that his son fell into the water from the back of the boat. He lost his balance trying to join his brothers in the front and got stuck by the propellers after his fall. Although Paul Finnett immediately dived in to rescue him and bring him to the nearest medical center, the young boy did not survive.

Illustrative image © Pixabay

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