The story behind the look. Olivia Newton-John: how this legendary outfit almost never saw the light of day?

Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case of the iconic outfit of Olivia Newton-John in the musical Grease. On the frenzied rhythm of “You’re The One That I Want”, Olivia Newton-John appeared spinning, in an outfit that marked the spirits. The young woman who shared the poster with John Travolta made the famous scene of transformation mythical thanks to a leather jacket, a top with bare shoulders, black lamé pants. A simple, but legendary outfit, because it is thanks to her that the shy Sandy has transformed into a femme fatale.

Olivia Newton-John: how the star almost tore her outfit?

Albert Wolsky, the film’s costume designer, wanted to mark the heroine’s metamorphosis by finding a cult outfit showing her evolution. To do this, he chooses sharkskin leggings dating from the 1950s. The only problem: the piece is so fragile that Olivia Newton-John has trouble moving in it: “When I first tried on these pants times the zipper was broken and Albert didn’t want to rip it when trying to put on a new one or take the old one off. Instead, he sewed the pants on me every morning. “

In November 2019, the rock’n’roll outfit of the actress was auctioned for 363,286 euros. But, a few months later, the buyer organized a nice surprise for actress Olivia Newton-John. With the help of the house which organized the sale, the latter made a point of offering the pieces to the actress who has been fighting breast cancer since 1992. “This jacket belongs to you, to you and to the collective soul of those who love you, those for whom you are the soundtrack of their lives. It shouldn’t sit in a billionaire’s closet for him to brag about in country clubs, “he announced to Olivia Newton-John who couldn’t hold back her tears. There is no doubt, this dress will forever be in the fashion pantheon.

Olivia Newton-John © PARAMOUNT

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