Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case with Naomi Campbell’s iconic white dress worn at the Fashion For Relief charity gala in London. The supermodel appeared wearing a bloody dress signed Mowalola Ogunlesi. As soon as she arrived, the star surprised everyone by landing in a dress of immaculate white. The only thing on the outfit was a bloody bullet wound on the top’s stomach. If some understood the political message of the model who wanted to denounce the catastrophic number of racist murders in his hometown, others accused him of glamorizing crime. An attack which made one of the main interested parties react.

Indeed, the designer of the Mowalola Ogunlesi dress explained on her Instagram account, the real message of the outfit: “I make clothes to make people react. This dress comes from my Coming For Blood collection, she shouts my experience. lived as a black person. I wanted to show that no matter how well dressed or behaved, we are always seen as a walking target. I am in a privileged position that allows me to speak subjects on which others would be silenced “.

Naomi Campbell: she has been engaged since the death of her uncle

Particularly sensitive to this cause since the death of her uncle stabbed in the streets of London, Naomi Campbell wanted to defend the designer on her Instagram account: “This dress is in no way intended to make gun crime glamorous . It’s an artistic statement! “. The top intends to continue to use fashion as a means of conveying committed messages. There is no doubt, this dress will forever be in the fashion pantheon.

Naomi Campbell © Backgrid UK

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