Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic floating dress worn in 1955 during the filming of the film “Seven Years of Reflection”. In the middle of the night and in the midst of hundreds of spectators, the actress appeared alongside her colleague Tom Ewell, wearing a very light white dress signed William Tavilla. Many pictures of the scene were leaked before the film’s release, including those where we can see the breath of air from the metro lifting the star’s dress and thus revealing her pretty legs and sometimes her lingerie. The cocktail dress was then nicknamed the “subway dress” or “float dress”.

At the age of 29, the young woman has become the ultimate sex symbol of the Hollywood scene. After 66 years, this piece is still imitated around the world, especially by many stars such as Britney Spears, Cristina Ricci, Taylor Swift, Anna Faris and Halle Berry. They were all inspired by this outfit during photo shoots or on stage, helping to make this scene of Marylin a staple in film culture.

Marilyn Monroe’s “float dress” has been auctioned several times

This cult dress of Marilyn Monroe which forged the legend of the actress was obviously recovered after her death. The outfit became a collector’s item in 1971 when “Singing in the Rain” star Debbie Reynolds purchased the piece for just $ 200, or about $ 168. 40 years later, the legendary white dress was put up for auction, but the price was no longer the same. Indeed, the private collector who acquired the dress had to spend 4.6 million dollars, the highest price for a movie outfit sold at auction! There is no doubt, this dress will forever remain in the fashion pantheon.

Marilyn Monroe © Instagram

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