The story behind the look. Madonna: why this mythical garment created the controversy?

Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case with Madonna’s iconic corset worn during her “Blond Ambition” tour over thirty years ago. The interpreter of “Like a Prayer” appeared on stage dressed in a bustier in flesh satin under a dark man’s costume, signed Jean Paul Gaultier. The famous corset displayed telescoped breasts and emphasized the singer’s curves making her appear as the ultimate femme fatale, cool and sexy. This most recognizable silhouette will later become the emblem of the creator and the symbol of the woman who assumes herself. Except that at the time, the avant-garde style of the duo was not appreciated by all.

Madonna: the corset signed Jean-Paul Gaultier to affirm femininity

By imagining the corset above the outfit, rather than below, Jean Paul Gaultier transformed this underwear into an overwear, thus shaking up the feminine codes of fashion. Indeed, for a long time, this garment that is laced behind the back to sculpt the silhouette was assimilated to a patriarchal torture instrument which deformed the female body. But for Jean-Paul Gaultier, the corset is above all “power and sensuality united”.

What is certain is that corsets are not about to disappear. Many personalities do not hesitate to adopt this cult piece, but in their own way. In particular, the model Bella Hadid who via Instagram, had paid tribute to this iconic look of Madonna. Taking extravagance to the limit, the top had paired the corset with a pair of fishnet tights, thigh high boots and cat-eye glasses. There is no doubt, this dress will forever be in the fashion pantheon.

Madonna © Zuma Press

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