The story behind the look. Liz Hurley: how her legendary black Versace dress changed her career?

Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case of Liz Hurley’s iconic black dress worn at the premiere of the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” in London. The actress appeared alongside her then-boyfriend Hugh Grant in a very daring dress by Versace. The four-strap sheath dress from the Italian house’s Spring-Summer 1994 collection was open at the front and fastened to the side with gold pins.

The outfit not only revealed the star’s plunging neckline, but also her hips and curves that made her popularity soar. Liz Hurley revealed a few years later the unusual conditions she had had to prepare the night of the ceremony: “I did my hair and makeup, fighting with Hugh to have a little room in front of the mirror” , she explained to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Liz Hurley: she brought back the black Versace dress that no one wanted

Today cult, this dress was initially a piece that nobody wanted. At the time, Liz Hurley who was not known to the general public was looking for a dress to accompany her boyfriend to the premiere of her film: “I had to find a dress urgently to attend the Hugh’s preview, and I didn’t know anything about fashion at the time, “Liz Hurley told Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The 29-year-old woman then decides to contact the Italian house Versace to get THE evening dress: “I remember entering this office where there was a dress stored in a white plastic bag. took with me “. While trying it on, Liz Hurley discovers a magnificent dress which she adopts without hesitation.

Known only as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend, Liz Hurley has become in the space of one evening a Hollywood sex symbol. Later, the media dubbed the dress “That dress” as the one that changed everything. This moment is so cult that Damian Hurley, the star’s son, paid tribute to his mother’s look. The 18-year-old posted himself on his Instagram account wearing a Versace suit consisting of a blazer jacket adorned with pins like his mother 27 years earlier. There is no doubt, this dress will forever be in the fashion pantheon.


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