The story behind the look. Lady Gaga: why the meat dress marked the MTV Awards ceremony forever?

Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case with Lady Gaga’s iconic meat-dress worn at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. The “Bad Romance” singer surprised everyone by appearing dressed in an outfit (including shoes, her handbag) made entirely of pieces of meat. A carnivorous look that obviously did not please everyone. But behind this scandalous choice of clothing actually hides a committed position. Lady Gaga, already known at the time for her extravagant side, still managed the biggest comedy of her career.

Lady Gaga and the meat dress: the real reasons for her unusual choice

Lady Gaga (nominated 8 times that evening) took advantage of her exhibition to make her voice heard and impose her unique vision of fashion. Guest on the set of Ellen DeGeneres, the star wished to publicize the reasons for this enigmatic choice: “It is not a provocation towards vegetarians. As you know, I am the last person to wear judgments on others. I just wanted to say that if we do not fight to have our rights respected, we will not have more than a piece of meat hanging on a bone. And I am not a piece of meat”.

This outfit was therefore actually a way for Lady Gaga to protest against a US law that prohibited gays, lesbians and bisexuals from serving in the US military if they disclosed their sexual orientation. Fortunately, this law was abolished in 2011 and the dress was even exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a museum in Cleveland, United States, under very specific conditions: “It was placed in a vat of products. chemicals and, even if it is still possible to fold it, it was installed on a mannequin of human form to dry it “, explained the American museum in a press release. There is no doubt, this dress will forever be in the fashion pantheon.


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