The story behind the look. Barbra Streisand: how this transparent outfit became legendary?

Many fashion pieces have gone down in history. This is the case with the iconic Barbra Streisand outfit worn at the 41st Academy Awards in Los Angeles. The “Woman in Love” singer appeared wearing a black sequined ensemble from Arnold Scaasi. The diva who was nominated for the first time in the category “best actress”, thanks to her role in the musical film Funny Girl had decided to mark the occasion with an outfit out of the ordinary. The young woman had surprised spectators around the world by disembarking in a completely transparent outfit.

Barbra Streisand arrived at the ceremony wearing a classic sequined pantsuit. But when going on stage to pick up her statuette, the star noticed that the outfit revealed not only her buttocks, but also her chest! Indeed, the light beams installed in the room made her outfit completely transparent: “I had no idea that when the lights hit this outfit, it would become transparent! All I wanted was a collar and cuffs. white, which she had. I remember thinking to myself that maybe I was going to have the chance to win two Oscars in my career, so I will go for a more classic style next time. “, she told the magazine” W Magazine “.

Barbra Streisand: Outfit’s Assets Almost Won’t Revealed

This iconic Barbra Streisand look will long remain in the annals of fashion, yet it almost went unnoticed to the general public. And for good reason, the young woman aged 27 at the time absolutely did not expect to go on stage. Indeed, it was the name of her colleague, Katharine Hepburn that was announced first. Barbra Streisand’s was announced seconds later, making her the tie winner for the award: “I first heard Katharine’s name, I was like ‘ok, cool, she looks great in this movie ‘then they said my name. I was distraught … I discreetly took my chewing gum out of my mouth to hide it under my chair, and I started to walk to join the stage “, a she explained in an interview with “Variety” magazine.

Barbra Streisand © Instagram

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