The sordid secret that a sexagenarian was hiding in his cellar discovered by a mailman

Often times, money matters end badly. But this story is much more morbid than the others. In Austria, a 66-year-old man organized a macabre plan to continue to receive unemployment benefits from his mother. And it was his postman who discovered it.

This news item happened in Austria, in the Tyrol region, near Innsbruck. A letter carrier who was to deliver a monthly money order containing pension money for an 89-year-old woman insisted on hand delivering the letter to the person to whom it was addressed. When the son refused, this factor reported the individual’s strange behavior to the police.

He mummified his mother in his cellar

After investigation, the police made a strange discovery in the cellar of this sixty-year-old: a woman was kept like a mummy. Very quickly, the police made the connection. The son had hidden the death of his mother to continue to receive his retirement benefits. “Investigations revealed that this 89-year-old woman died in June 2020, and that the 66-year-old man had kept her body in his cellar,” Austrian authorities said in a statement.

While in police custody, the suspect confessed to freezing his late mother to ensure no odor was released, before absorbing bodily fluids with bandages, mummification-like. “Then he covered his mother with kitty litter,” said the police cell in charge of the investigation.

His brother, who had come to the news of his mother, whom he had not heard from for a while, had a whole different story. The individual explained to him that their mother had dementia and had been hospitalized, without anyone being able to visit her. The suspect is currently charged with social benefit fraud and concealment of a corpse, pending trial.

The sordid secret of the sexagenarian © Pexels

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