The sisters of Riyad Mahrez, the Algerian football star, “traumatized” after a brutal assault

They were very scared. Thursday September 10, 2020, Dounya and Ines Mahrez were attacked while they were in their beauty institute which is located in the heart of Paris. “I confirm that we were assaulted within our institute, me, my sister and my employees … It all started when a girl came to the institute and wanted us to take care of her. said she was supposed to get married this weekend. My employees pampered her well except that in the end, she (the girl) did not want to pay “, explained the sister of the football player. Algerian professional on his Instagram account. The client would then have taken her cell phone and in just a few minutes three cars with no less than 12 people on board would have arrived in front of the institute, as reported The Sun.

“Guys and girls came down and came back to attack us directly,” continued the young woman who says she is totally traumatized. She then said that they broke everything and hit the employees. “One guy tried to strangle me … while another crushed my little sister’s leg and hit her at the same time … I’m shocked and even traumatized,” she wrote again.

The perpetrators are still at large

While the older brother of the two sisters, Riyad Mahrez, is currently in quarantine in Manchester City after testing positive for the coronavirus, a complaint has been filed in an attempt to shed light on this assault. An investigation has been opened by the police to determine the circumstances of this incident. For now, investigations are continuing to try to identify and arrest the perpetrators of this assault.

Dounia and Inès Mahrez © Instagram

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