The scene only lasted a few seconds. On Friday March 18, while walking on Cramond Beach in Edinburgh, Scotland, a six-year-old girl was violently attacked by a pit bull dog. But as the black-colored mastiff bit her on the body, arms and face, the owner of the animal had a reaction as irresponsible as it was inappropriate: he fled.

Immediately mobilized, the Edinburgh police launched an appeal for witnesses to find him. According to the three teenagers with whom the girl was walking, the owner would be about sixty years old and would be about 1.82m tall. Caucasian, he was wearing a red baseball cap, a long black coat and blue jeans at the time of the incident. Anyone likely to have information about the suspect is urged to come forward by calling 101, the UK police number not dedicated to emergencies.

In the United Kingdom, the “non-assistance to person in danger” does not exist

No information on the little girl’s state of health has yet been communicated. It should be noted that in the United Kingdom, no law obliges a person to intervene when another is in danger. If found, the suspect should therefore not be prosecuted for “failure to assist a person in danger”. On the other hand, an investigation should be carried out to determine his degree of responsibility in the attack on his dog.

Police are still looking for the suspect © Pexels

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