The shocking gesture of two caregivers with their patient with multiple disabilities

The facts took place in September 2020 in a reception center in Cantin, in the North. During a night’s work, two caregivers – one 23 and the other 59 – dressed a 38-year-old patient with severe multiple disabilities in sexy underwear. After which the two women took a picture of her, before showing the images to their colleagues the next day.

“She did not say no”, says the lawyer of one of the defendants

In the court of Douai, Tuesday, April 20, the question arises: was this act carried out with the aim of mocking and humiliating? Or was it simply to “please” the patient described as “flirtatious and feminine”?

“It is not because we are disabled that we cannot have moments of cheerfulness and the freedom to dress as we wish. She chooses her clothes by saying yes or no. There she does. did not say no, “assured master Alban Deberdt, lawyer for the younger of the two nursing assistants, in court. For the victim’s lawyer, placed under guardianship and without a family, this “shocking” act was “imposed” on his client. If the latter is now 38 years old, her mental age is that of a six-year-old child according to experts.

At the bar, the two caregivers expressed their regret. But the court sentenced them to respectively five and three months suspended prison sentence and a five-year ban on practice, as Le Parisien points out. Each of them will have to pay damages of several hundred euros for voluntary violence without incapacity on a vulnerable person likely to cause psychological trauma, and capture and dissemination of images of a sexual nature.

Last September already, the establishment in which the two women worked had dismissed the oldest, and had not renewed the CDD of the youngest.

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