It is in the United States, in Florida more precisely, that the police and the animal protection services were able to discover a scene that is hardly believable. According to media outlet Law and Crime, a 38-year-old woman was recently arrested after her child was found in their home which was crumbling with trash and pets. Shannon Morgan was later charged with neglect of a child under 12 and cruelty to animals. It must be said that the report of the policeman who went there is particularly detailed and gives an idea of ​​the nightmarish environment in which the son of the accused lived. As soon as he approached the house concerned, the policeman smelled a nauseating odor escaping from it. He said: “As soon as I entered the house, I had difficulty breathing because of the strong smell of ammonia given off by the excrement and urine”.

In the living room, cages and vivariums were stacked on top of each other with snakes and rodents inside that were crumbling under their own excrement, all of which then attracted countless insects. “The cages were surrounded by flies, cockroaches and other insects due to the accumulation of fecal matter and urine.” In some cages, dead animals were found buried under feces and litter, but no trace of food or water for the animals anywhere, either in the cages or in the house. In one of the rooms of the house, a dog and a ferret were found in a cage and in another room, it was a little boy that the police were able to save. “There was a mattress on the ground covered with cockroaches where the victim slept”.

Between 200 and 300 rodents in the wild

In addition to rodents, snakes, a dog and a ferret, the report mentions several cats in the same room, some of them devouring a dead rat and smearing the floor with blood. Finally in Shannon Morgan’s room, same hell of a sight. “The ammonia smell was terrible and I couldn’t get into the room. There were about 50 rodents in cages, and between 200 and 300 more on the loose. They had completely taken over the room, covered in urine and feces”. Following the arrest of Shannon Morgan, several animals were recovered by an animal protection association and the house was placed under seal for the purposes of the investigation.

"The rodents had taken control...": a little boy found in a frightening situation

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