Jealousy! In Spain, Domingo Camacho, a supervisor of the penitentiary infirmary of Huelva prison, was a victim of his position. Indeed, RMC Crime reports that he had been poisoned three times by one of his colleagues. The person in charge is none other than Elena Martinez who was a nurse in his service and who wanted to take his job. This nightmarish story unfolded in 2018 where Domingo Camacho fell victim to poisoning with methadone and other drugs.

Elena Martinez was tried last October for seven offenses of “intentional injuries”, reports RMC Crime according to information disclosed by El Pais. The person responsible would risk up to 23 years in prison. Domingo Camacho was not the only poisoning victim. Indeed, during the summer of 2018, he would have been surprised at the particularly bitter taste of his meals, which he nevertheless cooked himself. On November 9, it was the prison doctor who also noticed that his lentils, which he also cooked himself, had a strange taste. None of them suspected that they had been poisoned.

Six other people were poisoned

No one suspected what was going on in the prison until six prison nurses suffered from dizziness and vomiting. This after drinking a single coffee together. It was only there that the thesis of poisoning was considered. After a drug test, the facts were proven and an investigation was opened. Elena Martinez was therefore arrested a month later. During her interrogation, Elena Martinez would have denied all the facts, reports the media. The young woman would be totally sane.

The prison guard was poisoned by one of his colleagues

The prison guard was poisoned by one of his colleagues © Pexels

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