A macabre discovery that they did not expect. This Wednesday, January 18 in Kentucky, police identified a motorist who seemed to be driving “negligently”. After turning on their sirens, they approached the vehicle. But after noticing that the officers were coming to meet him, the driver, who was stationary, accelerated and continued “to drive south (…) at a high speed”, reports Law and Crime.

Then followed a chase during which the police crossed three counties before managing to stop the driver. The latter was taken into custody, but the agents were not at the end of their surprises when they searched the trunk of the vehicle of the suspect, 54 years old. “Further investigation after the stop revealed a deceased female, who has not been positively identified at this time, located inside the vehicle,” Kentucky police said.

The victim placed in a “plastic tote”

The day after this arrest, the police finally managed to identify the victim. It was actually the suspect’s companion, a 53-year-old woman from West Virginia. As Law and Crime reports, his body had been placed in a “plastic holdall”. She is said to have died after receiving several blows to the face and body, and was also attacked with a knife. For now, the exact circumstances of his death have yet to be determined. For his part, the respondent was charged with “murder by domestic violence”, “abuse of a corpse” and “flight or escape in the first degree”. He is currently being held at the Laurel County Correctional Facility.

The police check him for his very suspicious conduct, they are flabbergasted when they open his trunk

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