“Asshole”! Admit it, this is one of your favorite swear words. You shout it behind the wheel or when you are in conflict with a stranger in the line of your hypermarket. “Asshole” is the word that we brandish to punctuate all debates that are a little too lively. By extension, this term refers to a person considered stupid, mean or detestable. And unfortunately there are many more around us than we think. 50.13% (of assholes) occupy or occupied an important role in our lives. It is an ex-partner or a family member. Even if there are “bitches”, a typical profile springs. The ultimate asshole would be a man, rather middle-aged. Sorry gentlemen, but science says so!

The University of Georgia conducted the investigation. The controls ? Brinkley Sharpe, author and researcher in clinical psychology invited nearly 400 people to describe according to them “the biggest asshole”. The conclusions were easy to draw; since we have all known at least one asshole in our life. 315 categories of behavior emerged; which the research team then grouped into 14 themes. Anger, insensitivity, domination, aggression, hypocrisy, arrogance, bigotry, combativeness, externalization of fault, favoritism, immaturity, irresponsibility, manipulation and many course rudeness and lack of consideration. In short, the “chief asshole” would be mediocre agreeable, would have a conscience as low as his open-mindedness and in complete opposition to his particularly high neurosis. The psychologist adds “according to the study, the perceived profiles are similar to psychopathic, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders”.

How to recognize a “perfect asshole”?

In life, prevention is better than cure. So learn to identify an asshole before it’s too late. How ? Thanks to these three easily identifiable personality traits:

Aggressive: anger is the character trait that stands out the most to differentiate “the king of assholes”. Impulsivity and aggressiveness are feelings that he can hardly suppress. When things don’t go his way, you’ll pay the price; with a lot of outbursts of anger, risings of tone and uncontrolled show of force.

Manipulator: manipulation is an art that the asshole or the bitch masters to perfection. Engineer in tricks and lies, he uses and abuses them, adapting to each person he has in front of him in order to obtain what he covets.

Irresponsible: do as he pleases, as he sees fit and if it bothers others, so much the better! This could be the course of action he imposes on himself and on others. The asshole and the bitch are perfect egoists who nurture an ultimate pleasure in bugging others. They think they are allowed everything, rarely think about the consequences and do not know the questioning.

If after all that, you still can’t recognize the asshole when he approaches; Ask yourself the right questions. The real asshole may not be who you think!

The perfect asshole a study finally allows to recognize it


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