Prince Harry’s memoir titled The Substitute was released on January 10, 2023
The Duke of Sussex talks about the departure of his wife Meghan Markle from the series Suits
He explains the role the palace played in this whole story

The revelations continue to rain after the publication, on January 10, of the memoirs of Prince Harry entitled The Substitute (Spare). In his book, the youngest son of Princess Diana does not hesitate to tell some of the most intimate aspects of his life. He notably talked about his wife Meghan Markle and her role in Suits, a series in which she played Rachel and often gave the reply to Mike, played by Patrick Adams, her fictional boyfriend. When she started dating Prince Harry, however, Meghan Markle saw that professional aspect of her life take a new turn. In his memoirs, the father of Archie and Lilibet says that Buckingham Palace has indeed sought to control several elements of the series … to the point of pushing Meghan Markle out.

“Meg left home, quitting her role on Suits after seven seasons. For her it was a very difficult time because she loved the show, her character, the people she worked with, and Canada. But d On the other hand, his life there had become untenable”. As Prince Harry explains, things started to change as soon as he officially got together with his future wife. “The show’s writers were annoyed because the palace often asked them to change dialogue or what Meghan’s character was doing, or how she was acting.” Enough to encourage the Suits showrunner to write the end of Rachel’s story to allow Meghan Markle to live her own story too.

Meghan Markle chained the sacrifices

But the intervention of Buckingham Palace in the professional life and career of Meghan Markle was not the only intrusion she suffered, as Prince Harry always recounts in his memoirs. Indeed, in addition to her role in Suits, the young woman also had to give up an entire aspect of her life on social networks. “She had also closed her website and left all social networks, each time at the initiative of the palace. She said goodbye to her friends, her car, one of her dogs…”. Sacrifices which, in her eyes, were well worth it to be able to spend her life with the man she loves.

"The Palace forced them": how Buckingham transformed the role of Meghan Markle in Suits


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