After the death of her dog, Wendy O’Grady, a 47-year-old Englishwoman, asked her employer for two weeks off in order to recover from her loss. A period which, according to the law in the United Kingdom, corresponds to that which would have been granted in the event of the loss of a minor child.

To justify comparing the loss of her Labrador to that of a child, this resident of Surrey (a town in the south of England) highlighted her very special situation: after ten miscarriages, her husband brought her a puppy, Zac, in 2009. And very quickly, the couple will consider their new pet as a “surrogate child”.

“Losing Zac was like losing a child”

Suffering from cancer diagnosed last July, the Labrador was forced to be euthanized to put an end to his suffering, at the age of 12. “Losing Zac was like the loss of a child,” Wendy O’Grady told British media The Independent, who recounted this moving request.

“I was so grieved that I asked for these two weeks off. Zac was the glue of our united family,” said Wendy after creating a memorial for her dog. According to a study by an animal welfare association, more than half of Britons compare the loss of their animal to that of a member of their family.

An original request after the death of his dog © Pexels

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