No words can describe the horror of this story that unfolded in Wales last August. Indeed, a husband, Russell Marsh, killed his wife in her bedroom next to their four children while they were separated. Russell Marsh, 29, stabbed and strangled his wife, Jade Marsh in her bedroom in Shotton. This a week after the woman left him. The woman’s bloody body was found under a pile of clothes in her bedroom, as their children slept during the horrific attack, The Mirror reports.

On Tuesday April 12, Russell Marsh was found guilty of murder by the Mold Crown Court. “This was a savage and callous attack,” Judge Rhys Rowlands said. “Marsh was ‘consumed with self-pity and jealousy’ when he visited his ex’s home and carried out a ‘prolonged and cruel’ attack,” the judge added.

“There can only be one sentence for murder and that is life in prison”

Shortly before Ms Ward’s body was discovered, Russell Marsh was filmed by officers at a police station. In particular, he told the police that he had done something horrible, according to the media. Russell Marsh admitted to killing Jade Ward by asphyxiation and confessed to having no legal reason to do so. However, he claimed he didn’t want to hurt her. Moreover, during the trial, Russell Marsh declared that he believed “that she was trying to push him to suicide in order to claim the payment of his life insurance of one million pounds”.

“I have watched you throughout this trial and you have not shown a shred of remorse. There can only be one sentence for murder and that is life in prison,” the judge said. Rhys Rowlands. Russell Marsh received a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

The mutilated body of a woman found under a pile of clothes next to her four children © Pixabay

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