Tragic! Paul Braithwaite is the exact definition of: “being a special case”. Indeed, he was just a baby when doctors diagnosed him with “a rare and debilitating form of eosinophilic gastroenteropathy”, according to The Sun. This young Briton was the only known case to suffer from this disease since 1906. The disease made him vomit and caused skin rashes in him after contact with sunlight, grass, fabrics, dust and animals. In addition, he was allergic to dozens of foods.

Despite everything, Paul Braithwaite had held on. Which earned him countless fans including Fabio Capello, the former England coach as well as John Parrott and Jimmy White, the stars of snooker. This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes was also among his fans. Moreover, this presenter had installed an artificial grass in the garden of the boy so that he could play football. On the night of July 4, Paul Braithwaite’s mother shared her pride after her son lost his last battle with cancer, aged 20.

He fought until the end with the best attitude possible

“He had every allergy imaginable, his skin was red hot and he was in pain almost daily,” the mother told The Sun. “His growth was stunted because of the medication he was taking. At the age of 20, he was still wearing clothes for children aged 10 to 11,” she continues. “He faced it all with the best possible attitude and joked about everything,” according to the mother.

For his part, Fabio Capello spoke of the courage of the boy. “He just wanted to live a normal life, he wanted to have a dog, he wanted to learn to drive and he wanted to drive around the block,” Kelly of Grimsby, Lincs says. As for Paul’s father, Darren, 52, he said his son was a Manchester United fan. “He was very lonely, but he was happy like that. Life is too short. All he wanted was to be normal,” added the father of the family.

The most allergic boy in the world is dead, he was only 20 © Pexels


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