The minimum service! New indiscretions emerge on Melania Trump and her couple

An impossible dream? Since they left the White House, the revelations about Melania and Donald Trump have been linked. The latest to date? Those of Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Melania Trump, this Friday, July 23 in the columns of Business Insider. In 2016, Donald Trump campaigned for the presidential elections in the United States. Like any candidate, he hoped to count on the support of the one who shares his life … in vain. “Melania played a very limited role during the campaign, because she did not believe that Donald could really win”, explained Michael Cohen at first before clarifying: “However when Donald asked him directly for his opinion on a subject, she gave it willingly “. However, while the former First Lady was very present alongside Donald Trump at rallies and even gave speeches in support of him, her former lawyer said: “On election night, she was crying but it was n ‘was not tears of joy, “he concluded. Words that echo the many rumors that have emerged for several months.

A lost battle. In 2020, Donald Trump again campaigned for his re-election to the US presidential election. This ended in failure, which he had a hard time digesting. Indeed, he did not hesitate to talk about a stolen vote and also claimed his own victory on several occasions. However, according to journalist Michael C. Bender’s book, devoted to the last days of the Trump presidency, Mélania Trump was not very enthusiastic during this second campaign. Indeed, she would have opposed on several occasions to the holding of an end of campaign party at the White House. “I’m not comfortable with this idea,” she reportedly said. The reason ? The Covid-19 pandemic which was very present in the country. According to her, the best was not to take any risks but she was well aware that her husband was not of the same opinion. “You’re going to do it anyway,” she allegedly told him. So, as a precaution, she would have chosen to isolate herself with her son. “She would have stayed in the residence with Barron and his parents, and would only have come if Trump needed her to stand by his side for a public speech,” the journalist explained in his book. An event that never took place since it was Joe Biden who was elected.

Melania and Donald Trump: is their relationship on the wing?

In the columns of the Daily Mail, Michael Wolff made some confidences concerning the daily life of Melania and Donald Trump. “She’s not often with him. It was true when he was in the White House and it is true now,” he said at first. However, he goes on to say: “Those who travel regularly with Donald Trump have noticed that he and Melania seem to have a sincere affection for each other despite media speculation.” So, has the couple just found the perfect balance to maintain their independence?

Donald and Melania Trump © WALTER

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