A crisis of jealousy that degenerates. In Japan, a 25-year-old man from Kagawa prefecture was recently sentenced to 19 years in prison. He was accused of having murdered one of his relatives, who was also his work colleague, with a crossbow shot in the head.

As reported by the Vice site, the two men had been friends “since 2012” and had done part of their studies at the same school. In 2020, the accused had also allowed the future victim to join the company in which he worked. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two men began to strain amid a romantic rivalry. Indeed, as the American media explains, the accused accused his friend of being too enterprising with a common colleague on whom he “had views”.

Japan passes law to limit the sale of crossbows

A situation that escalated until the moment of the tragedy, June 20, 2021. That day, the victim went to the home of his jealous friend at the invitation of the latter. But as soon as he arrived, he was shot in the head with a crossbow. The murderer was finally quickly arrested by the police. He was then tried and sentenced almost a year after the events.

In Japan, where the use of firearms is very strictly regulated, violent incidents involving crossbows have been on the rise for several years. In order to stem the phenomenon, the Japanese government adopted a law last March to limit the sale of crossbows to the holder of a specific permit.

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