Being able to sleep for 12 hours is surely a dream for many people. Only, in the case of the model Rachael Finch, it was above all the sign of a pathology. Indeed, the 33-year-old former Miss Universe confided in the fact that she used to sleep for 12 hours in a row. Except that in real life, it was the sign of a serious eating disorder. The Australian model and co-founder of Kissed Earth told Women’s Health magazine that she was just 15 when it happened.

“I went through a very unhealthy phase where I was exercising too much, not eating enough. I was internalizing that I was way too heavy and way too fat,” she said. Rachael Finch, 33, went to bed at 7 p.m. only to wake up at 7 a.m. “I always woke up tired. I lost my menstrual cycle for over two years. Looking back, I’m like, ‘Of course [my cycle] wasn’t happening. My body was not functioning as it should. He wasn’t getting what he needed,” she continues.

Rachael Finch: the former Miss Universe wants to raise awareness of the danger of eating disorders

Rachael Finch opened up about her personal journey to help break the stigma of eating disorders and more importantly encourage others to seek help. In fact, recently, the model shared on her Instagram account that at one point in her life, she counted calories, restricted portions and lived by excessive training.

Rachael Finch, former Miss Universe, points out that her current life is not perfect, but that she is living “a thousand times better than before”. “It took years of self-work to learn how to live in abundance and absolute appreciation, and every day new lessons are emerging,” says Rachael Finch.

Rachael Finch, former Miss Universe 2009 © Backgrid USA


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