The incredible windfall of a family on a motorway rest area

Last July, a family from New Jersey, United States, returned from vacation in North Carolina. With a drive of around 10 hours, vacationers decide to make a short stop in Maryland, at a rest area. After stretching their legs a little, they decide to take advantage of their break to go to the bathroom, buy some treats and … lottery tickets.

Once the family gets back in the car, the mother of three decides to take a closer look at the Cash4Life, Mega Millions and Powerball lottery tickets she just bought. And then came the shock. Two million dollars. This is what the family just won in the lottery. Or 1.7 million euros. “I couldn’t believe we matched all the numbers except Powerball,” the mother told CNN. “I had to download the [mobile] app to be able to scan the ticket and be sure.” Her husband must have looked at the tickets several times before he could believe it. With their winnings, the family intends to repay the rest of their debts and organize a nice trip for next year. The return to school of the three children should in any case be more calm this year.

Millionaire in eleven days

This New Jersey family is not the only one to have had a lucky star this summer. Another American won several million dollars last July. Indeed, this inhabitant of South Carolina avid games of chance first won 40,000 dollars at the Mega Millions. Just eleven days later, he won $ 3 million again. The South Carolina gambling organization has commented: “The odds of winning $ 40,000 playing Mega Million are one in 931,001 and the odds of winning $ 3 million. dollars are one in 13 million “. So there are lucky people on earth …

Luckily © © pexels

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