David Fuller, the 67-year-old electrician from Kent Hospital in the UK has been raging for 12 long years. It all started when the police arrested him for a double homicide, committed thirty-four years ago. They were two women, and the autopsy of one of them revealed that she suffered rape after her death. After denying the facts, David Fuller finally confessed and said he suffered from a mental abnormality.

The search of the home of the 67-year-old man later revealed another case, also one of the most sordid. The police indeed came across a box of photos and videos. These explicitly show the electrician sexually abusing several corpses in the morgue of the hospital in which he worked. According to the police, these acts were committed between 2008 and 2020.

David Foller raped a hundred corpses in the morgue

A long investigation allowed the police to affirm that David Fuller raped a hundred corpses, among them, little girls aged at least 9 years old and women of 100 years old. 80 corpses were eventually identified. The criminal was using the 4-7pm time slot to commit these horrors because he was the only one with access to the morgue at that time.

Following these discoveries, security measures will be reinforced in the morgues, in particular thanks to the installation of surveillance cameras and more controlled access.

David Fuller faces life imprisonment for all of his crimes.

Electrician David Fuller © DailyNationToday

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