Julie Jardon had remained silent since the announcement of the death of Igor Bogdanoff on January 3. The latest companion of Grichka’s brother will also be silent during the funeral of the twins organized in the Church of the Madeleine, in Paris, this Monday, January 10. It is finally to our colleagues at the Gala that the model reserved her words.

“My Igor, my great impossible Love, my sweet heart, my heart is on the verge of exhaustion. The second pillar of my life has gone to find mum in a world which, I hope, is no longer sweet for your beautiful souls to Grichka and you. Thank you for having been this pretty, almost unreal parenthesis, since that unexpected night of May 17, 2015 and during the 7 sublime and discreet years that followed. I remember everything about us “, wrote Julie Jardon in a press release available in full from our colleagues. The young woman, very touched by the disappearance of the man who shared his life, also expresses her sadness and her fear for the future: “Today, I am afraid of tomorrow. I am afraid to continue the road without you, without landmark. I imagine that I must have the weapons buried somewhere in me to face them alone. I imagine that you provided them to me “.

Julie Jardon in mourning: “I love you forever with a love that resembles us”

Julie Jardon ends this tribute with a declaration of love to Igor Bogdanoff, who died of the Covid at the age of 72. “Never again in this strange and cold world but forever in the invisible and in my heart. Thank you for lighting my way during these wonderful years by your side. I love you forever, with a love that resembles us , without temporality, ”writes the model.

Igor Bogdanoff and Julie Jardon © Giancarlo Gorassini

Lara T.
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