It’s a funny discovery that the inhabitants of the village of Doubs (Doubs) made at the end of December. In this village of 3,000 inhabitants, passers-by have indeed found pornographic magazines deposited in a book box installed on the public highway, reports France Bleu Besançon. These facilities usually allow residents to drop off books and take others with them. Magazines with inappropriate content were therefore within everyone’s reach, and could offend the sensibilities of the villagers.

Alerted, the police conducted the investigation to find the individual at the origin of these deposits. Investigations finally led to an elderly man. After seeing that his magazines were systematically disappearing from the bookbox, he thought he was sure there was demand and interested readers.

The elderly man did not see the problem

Faced with police officers, the man has admitted to being the donor of these reviews. He told the authorities that he saw no harm in this act and that it was not malice on his part. He finally apologized and promised that he would no longer put this kind of magazines in the bookbox, while specifying that, anyway, he had sold his stock.

Book box © pixabay

Lara T.
Lara T.

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