The gendarmes of the Salon-de-Provence motorway platoon were patrolling the A7 on Fare-les-Oliviers, in the Bouches-du-Rhône, on March 23. This is how they spotted a driver who was on the phone while driving. Of course, the gendarmes arrested the driver in the context of road safety. After all, the road safety campaign says: “Driving, the phone can kill”.

After being chased by the gendarmerie, the driver was checked. Of course, he in no way denied his responsibilities and admits that he called while he was driving. Only, this offense punishable by a withdrawal of three points on the driving license is not what attracts the police the most. Indeed, a strong smell of narcotics came from the vehicle, according to Le Parisien.

He was carrying 4 million euros of cannabis

Following this strong odor emanating from the vehicle, the gendarmes took a look in the trunk of the vehicle. This confirmed the doubt since several suitcases, boxes and sports bags were discovered piled up in the back of the van. When the gendarmes asked him what he was carrying, he started to get nervous.

A search of the vehicle then took place to discover more than 530 kg of cannabis resin. The goods transported by this driver exceed 4 million euros, according to the gendarmes. The driver was indicted and detained in the Luynes remand center, in Indre-et-Loire. Investigators from the Marseille research section are taking charge of this investigation. Note that cannabis was already packaged in 100 gram packets.

The gendarmes arrest him for a driving offense and remove the beaker from his trunk © Pexels

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