New technologies can be deadly… Like the selfies responsible for many deaths, a man lost his life… because of his GPS. On September 30, Philip Paxson was driving his Jeep in North Carolina. Returning from his eldest daughter’s birthday, this 47-year-old American blindly followed his GPS. Except that his device took him directly to a bridge that had been unusable since heavy flooding in July 2013 destroyed it. “It was a dark, rainy night and he was following his GPS which took him down a concrete road to a bridge that dropped into a river,” Philip’s mother-in-law, Linda McPhee Koenig, said in a statement. Facebook post. The bridge had been destroyed nine years ago and had never been repaired.”

According to her, no barriers or warning signs have put the chip in the ear of Philip Paxson. “He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. This was a completely preventable accident. We mourn his death,” she added. After the tragedy, the family of the father of the family decided to draw attention to the tragedy which, according to them, could have been avoided with proper maintenance or simple barricades. “It was a preventable accident, the bridge he crossed at night had a gaping hole and there were no barricades, can we read on a fundraising page. It had been like this for years. many years. No one would take the responsibility to fix it and now they have to pay the price. Please pray for our family during this most difficult time.”

He was “always ready for an adventure”

This tragedy has made the inhabitants of this locality react, worried that a new tragedy is taking place there. According to those close to him, Philip Paxson “always had a fondness for muscle cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes, boats, really anything with an engine.” “He traveled the world with his stepfather on a motorcycle. He and his wife and their two daughters enjoyed camping and boating with their family and friends. Phil put his family first and his friends almost equal , second, said those close to him. He was more cheerful and generous than anyone else, always up for an adventure, with a permanent smile on his face.”

The father of the family listens to his GPS without asking questions, he leads him to death

The GPS did not indicate the correct route © Pexel

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