Cheryl Pickles, 35, and Andrew Hadwin, 39, were responsible for these diabolical acts. In this story reported by The Sun, this couple starved children while torturing them. Being forced to survive on their own, these children were forced to walk 8 km to search the supermarket bins. Cheryl Pickles and Andrew Hadwin also locked children in cupboards and made them take hot showers and baths. Moreover, a child had even been retained on a highway bridge during a horrific campaign of torture.

This couple plunged the children’s heads under water. Particularly sadistic, the two culprits forced the children to watch them eat the dishes they had ordered. “The children suffered painful injuries and one of them was life-threatening,” explains The Sun. It wasn’t until 2018 that these sickening crimes came to an end. This after one of the children mustered up the courage to tell a passing adult what he was going through. An investigation has been launched by Durham Police. Only Cheryl Pickles and Andrew Hadwin tried to get away with writing fake letters from children saying, “We’re sorry, we lied.”

The couple have been found guilty and will be sentenced

Andrew Hadwin was found guilty of three counts of rape and seven counts of neglect. He was also convicted on one count of perverting the course of justice. He was not found guilty of sexual activity on a child. The rape is related to another case. As for Cheryl Pickles, she was convicted of five counts of child cruelty as well as one count of perverting justice. Placed in pre-trial detention, the couple will be sentenced on April 28.

The executioner couple tortured children by starving them and feeding them soap

The executioner couple tortured children by starving them and feeding them soap © Pexels

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