In 2006, James Duggan was convicted and sentenced to 11 years in prison for the strangulation murder of Rebecca Ryle, 19 at the time. The murderer, also being a teenager at the time according to The Mirror, had met Rebecca in a club in Perth, Australia, on May 5, 2004. Duggan, a Briton from Liverpool who had emigrated to Australia, had proposed to young Rebecca from the accompany her home. What the young murderer had not done since he had strangled her to death.

Rebecca’s half-naked body had been discovered by police in a plot a few yards from her home, according to the Liverpool Echo. Although James Duggan was never able to fully explain the motive for his murder, it is known that he strangled his victim for more than three minutes. On March 11, 2022, James Duggan, 36, is released from prison and must be repatriated to the United Kingdom where he can “start from scratch”. James Duggan must never again set foot on Australian soil and must “submit to all current or future guidelines and restrictions, established, issued or imposed by the Federal Government or the Government of Western Australia”, specifies The Mirror.

Murderer’s parole worries victim’s brother

Among other directives of his parole, James Duggan must not come into contact with Rebecca’s family. Andy, Rebecca’s brother, spoke about this conditional release with ECHO. “I take comfort in knowing that this man will never set foot in Australia again, and my parents can rest easy knowing they will never have to meet him on the street,” he said. he declares. “However, I find it horrific that the alternative is that the British public suffers it, and they can start from scratch,” he continued. The victim’s brother also added, “Hopefully as I write this, at least a few people will be aware that this monster will still be around. He doesn’t deserve the chance to start over. He stole a life.” he concluded.

James Duggan © The Mirror

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