The Danish capital records a new tragedy in a shopping center.
Three people are killed following a shooting perpetrated by a 22-year-old Dane.
The royal family, affected by the events, issued a press release in which it sends a message full of empathy to the victims and their families.

At the end of the afternoon of Sunday July 3, 2022, a tragedy shook the Danish capital. A shooting took place in a shopping center in Copenhagen, which did not fail to react immediately the royal family. “Tonight we learned the shocking news of the serious incidents in Copenhagen,” Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary wrote in a statement.

The few hours following this terrible tragedy, the chief inspector of the police of Copenhagen, Søren Thomassen, remained very vague as to the information revealed on this shooting, during a press conference given at the end of the afternoon of same day. It was only the next day that the figures fell, information reported by the press: three dead.

The Danish royal family in shock: “the situation calls for unity and attention”

The Danish royal family says it is deeply touched by this terrible tragedy. “Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to the victims, their loved ones and all those affected by the tragedy,” the statement read. Queen Margrethe II and the heir couple also wanted to challenge the efforts made by the health services and the police in relation to the tragedy. “The situation calls for unity and attention, and we would like to thank the police, emergency services and health authorities for their quick and effective efforts during these hours,” they announced.

During the press conference given by the local police, some information about the suspect was revealed. The shooter, then 22 years old, would be an “ethnic Dane”. He has already been arrested by the police. As for the place of the attack, it is not far from a concert hall, where Harry Styles, the British singer, former member of One direction, was to occur at 8 p.m. The media Le Soir made a point of recalling that the last attack in Copenhagen dates back to February 14 and 15. It was a series of shootings claimed by the Islamists, having left 2 dead and 5 wounded.

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