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The Crown: this traumatic episode in the life of Princess Anne that the series does not talk about

The monarchy targeted. Sunday, November 15, 2020, Netflix kicked off the fourth season of The Crown, unveiling a first episode that only announced the color to fans. A season exposed against a background of conflict with the Irish Republican army, determined to emancipate itself from the Crown. But among the moments that marked the Windsor-Mountbatten clan, a traumatic event will not be mentioned by the soap opera, as revealed by our colleagues from the American magazine People on Friday, November 20. At 23, on March 20, 1974 (a few months after her marriage to Captain Mark Phillips), Princess Anne was the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

The daughter of Her Majesty Elizabeth II was apprehended by a gunman named Ian Ball while on her way to Buckingham Palace after a night out. An event that she only mentioned four years later, during a television interview with journalist Sir Michael Parkinson. “A car passed us and stopped, there was an exchange of gunshots,” Princess Anne recalled, revealing then and not without humor that she was almost hit by the Scotland Yard detective who was by his side to ensure his safety. Ian Ball was then able to walk towards the vehicle of the princess, now 70 years old.

A ransom note in my pocket

But if any other person, man or woman, would have panicked at the sight of an armed stranger, Princess Anne, she kept an Olympian calm, armed with impressive audacity. “Not even in a dream,” she had launched to the assailant when the latter asked him to follow him. She even advised him to get out, promising he wasn’t risking anything. “I said I didn’t think I wanted to go,” she clarified, “I was scrupulously polite because I thought it was silly to be too rude at this point.” If Ian Ball had followed Princess Anne’s advice shortly later, he was still caught by the London Metropolitan Police, a letter demanding a ransom of $ 4 million (or 3.3 million euros ) in exchange for the release of the princess.

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