The Crown: does the royal family regret its refusal to collaborate with Netflix?

Omid Scobie, a royal collaborator with the ABC News department, spoke at The Heirpod, a podcast focusing on the British royal family, about the latter’s refusal to help Netflix with fact-checking , namely to verify the accuracy of the facts and dates for the writing of the series The Crown. “The team working on the program contacted the palace to see if there was a possibility of verifying the facts, but the response was a categorical no”, explains the correspondent before adding: “Now that the series is approaching these key years (especially the period with Lady Di, editor’s note), I wonder if some members of the royal family blame themselves for not having taken advantage of this opportunity, because this story is being shaped for many people around the world. ” Indeed, while The Crown is one of the most watched series on Netflix in the world, the royals might have had an interest in ensuring maximum authenticity in the story, because through this series, it is is “25 million people who will form their own opinions about the royal family.” Will the royal family change their mind on the matter? An unlikely option for Omid Scobie who explains that working hand in hand with Netflix “seems to go against everything the Royal Family stands for, especially the Queen.”

William and Harry: will the series focus on the lives of the two princes?

According to some speculation relayed by Omid Scobie, The Crown could well extend beyond the sixth season: “Despite reports that the series will end before William and Harry become adults, I have heard rumors that there would even be discussions within Netflix about the possibility of extending the series. ” If so, it would seem difficult to play to follow the royal family without featuring Lady Di’s two sons. However, Harry, the youngest, was very clear on this subject: he refuses that The Crown is interested in him or his wife, Meghan Markle. To see if the series will respect his decision.

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