The intriguing escapade of Constance Marten, a wealthy aristocratic heiress with a link to the British crown, according to Paris Match, is not yet over. In addition, nothing suggests that the young woman of 35 years is ready to return to the fold. Napier Martin, former servant of Queen Elizabeth II, is desperate, but does not give up. “Constance darling…I beg you to find a way to get you and your little one to the police as soon as possible so that you can be protected,” reads the plea from Constance’s father. in The Independent.

There is talk of a “little one” because Constance Marten is said to have given birth to her baby inside a car found burnt down along the M61 near Bolton, Greater Manchester, reports Paris Match. The car was discovered on January 5, 2022, with a placenta in the back seat. Constance Marten’s disappearance with rapist Mark Gordon dates from a day or two before this charred car story. As Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford said, their “top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of the newborn baby”.

Constance is on the loose with a relaxed former burglar and rapist

The Metropolitan Police are more concerned about the fate of aristocratic heiress Constance Marten because of the man she allegedly ran away with. Mark Gordon is a sex offender known to justice, specifies the Paris Match, citing Manchester Evening News. The man, after spending 20 years in prison in the United States for the abduction and rape of a young woman in the context of a stabbing robbery in Florida in 1989, is listed in the British database. Constance Marten would have met the rapist in question in 2016, and since then she has moved away from her family to end up disappearing since the beginning of January.

The case keeps the UK in suspense: pregnant heiress Constance Marten disappears with a rapist

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