The Delhi butcher cut up and dismembered his victims. He then dumps the mutilated body of the victim in a jail and challenges the detectives with a sarcastic and chilling note urging them to catch up with him or else he will kill more people. Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is the title of the documentary series directed by Ayesha Shood. The series has been broadcast on Netflix since July, recalls the Mirror. Chandrakant Jha’s story is one of the most chilling. Especially since currently, according to the documentary, this Indian serial killer is on parole.

Jha killed his first victim in 1998 and served time in prison until 2002 for this crime. He had to be released because there was a lack of evidence. The psychopathic serial killer then claimed 17 other victims. “The mutilated body of his first victim was dumped outside Tihar prison in West Delhi,” reports the Mirror article of August 30, 2022. It was Jah himself who alerted the police for the presence of this body outside the prison. He also promised, through the note he left in the victim’s body, that he would bring another body if the authorities failed to arrest him in time.

Jha befriended his victims before causing disputes

The modus operandi of this Indian serial killer is as singular as it is chilling. It only killed poor economic migrants from other parts of India. Jha sympathizes with them, helps them find work and gives them confidence. Then, “he would then confront them for trivial matters, such as a petty theft or an argument over meat consumption, after which they were never seen again”, specifies the Mirror. Jha, the Delhi Butcher was sentenced to two death sentences in 2013. The sentence was changed to life imprisonment without release in 2016. Now he is on parole, according to the documentary.

The Butcher of Delhi: this chilling modus operandi used by the Indian serial killer

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