A mother of 3, Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, is killed after a fatal fall from 30 meters. Indeed, this young mother died on Sunday October 10 in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. A tragic accident that took place during a bungee jump. However, nothing foreshadowed this fatal accident since Yevgenia Leontyeva was used to bungee jumping according to the New York Post. On that fateful day, she was in the company of a friend in the city of Kazakh at the top of a building.

It is therefore with confidence that Yevgenia Leontyeva threw herself for the last time into the void. This after the organizer of the jump gave him the green light. Although a safety harness was attached to the young woman, this did not prevent the accident. What was the problem ? The person in charge of the activity had not had time to hang the safety rope on the tree which was to hold the young woman. When she started, he was just holding the lifeline in his hand.

40 days in prison incurred by the organizers

After her fall, Yevgenia was immediately taken to hospital. She still succumbed to her injuries. Following which the authorities opened an investigation into the negligence of the organizers. Only, according to the New York Post, even if they were found guilty, the maximum penalty would be 40 days in prison.

Unfortunately this type of accident is not a special case. A Colombian woman also died following a fall during a bungee jump last July.

Yevgenia Leontyeva © The Sun

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