Her family will finally have a place to collect themselves. The story begins on August 8, 2016, in the Aspe valley, located in the Béarn department. After making a phone call to his sister asking her to look after her dog in her absence as he left on an unspecified trip, a man never gave a sign of life again. So much for the official version, because two weeks later, on August 21, his family decided to declare him missing.

After much research, the local gendarmerie abandoned the idea of ​​finding him, his body having remained untraceable. But the investigation nonetheless revealed an important detail: it was impossible for the man to go on vacation, because when he left, he left his home without any means of transport or payment.

Her family will finally be able to begin their mourning

Over the months and years that have passed, his loved ones have given up. Still nowhere to be found, they have never been able to mourn properly, as the reasons for his departure and the conditions of his disappearance have remained a mystery. But this weekend, rebound: during a beaten, hunters in the region fell on human bones. Warned, the police carried out DNA tests and the results of the analyzes confirmed that these remains were indeed those of Alain Lac-Arriet. His family was therefore able to proceed to his burial, to begin their mourning, five long years after his death, which remains mysterious.

A body found five years later © Pexels

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