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The Beatles: Paul McCartney makes amazing revelations about the British group

Despite their separation, The Beatles continue to fascinate! If after putting an end to their collaboration in 1970, the four members of the group, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, pursued solo careers, it is indeed the hits of the Beatles that appeal to all. generations and do not take a wrinkle! While the whole world had been devastated by the end of the group, it was in an interview with the British version of GQ magazine that Paul McCartney agreed to go back and talk about the public’s gross misunderstanding when the Beatles announced their split: “I guess when the Beatles split up, maybe there was a misconception that we sort of hated each other. What I realize now is that it was like a family, that it was a gang, families argue. Families argue. And some people want to do this and some people want to do that. ”

In this interview, Paul McCartney also explained why he decided to sue his own group when he left them in 1970: “I think what happened after that … The only way for me to save the Beatles and Apple – and to release Get Back by Peter Jackson and that got us to release Anthology and all those great remasters of all the great Beatles records – was to sue the Beatles. If I don’t. hadn’t done that, everything would have belonged to Allen Klein. ” Then adding: “The only way I was given to get out of this was to do what I did. I said, ‘Well, I’m going to sue Allen Klein’ and I was never didn’t say I couldn’t do it because he wasn’t one of them. ‘You have to sue the Beatles!’ ”

Why didn’t Paul McCartney and John Lennon get along anymore?

During his career, Paul McCartney also had disagreements with John Lennon. He explains today: “I remember reading an article, an interview with Yoko, who was a big supporter of John, I understand that, but in that article, she said: ‘Paul did nothing. that he’s never done is book recording studios. ‘ And I was like, ‘Uh, no ….’ And then John released that famous song How Do You Sleep? And he said, ‘All you did was Yesterday …’ And I’m like, ‘No man!’ “Hurt, the singer continues,” But then you hear the stories from different angles and apparently the people who were in the room when John was writing this are Allen Klein giving him suggestions for the lyrics. So you get the feel of ‘Let’s go get Paul. Let’s nail him in a song …’ And those things were hurtful. ”


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