Neither cancer nor his multiple health problems got the better of him. Azuree Charles, 9, was born premature and had many health problems during the first years of her life. The little boy “had just recovered from all his health problems,” his aunt told TribLive, reports Paris Match. And yet, his own parents have just been charged for the cruel murder of the 9-year-old boy. His body, showing signs of strangulation, was found behind his home in Pennsylvania.

Although the circumstances or the motive for this horrible murder have not been revealed, the least we can say is that Azuree has surely experienced the most cruel treatment. Relaying information from People magazine’s website, Le Paris Match reports that “Azuree Charles’ corpse was naked and covered in mud, partially hidden under garden furniture and a cooler. His pajamas were hanging from the branches of a tree not far from there”.

Multiple charges for the parents of little Azuree Charles

“This horrific tragedy has shaken the community of New Kensington. The trauma that has affected us all is mild compared to what Azuree has undoubtedly experienced,” Westmorland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli said September 21, 2022. It is learned that Azuree Charles’ father is accused of her murder, abuse of a corpse, concealment of the death of a child as well as tampering with physical evidence. As for Luella Elien, his mother, she is charged with aggravated assault on a victim under the age of 13, endangering a child and obstructing the arrest or prosecution of another person. , according to the Paris Match.

The 9-year-old boy had just overcome his cancer, he was horribly killed by his parents

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