That 70’s show! Prince William surprises with a velvet suit

Saturday night fever. Or rather this Sunday, October 17, 2021. Indeed, for the first Earthshot awards ceremony, at Alexandra Palace in London, Prince William hit hard alongside Kate Middleton. While she skillfully recycled a dress from her favorite designer, the Duke of Cambridge opted for a surprising outfit. Used to light suit jackets, sometimes made of tweed, the father has deviated from his clothing customs by opting for emerald green velvet. An astonishing choice but also a slight nod to 1970s fashion.

Prince William accompanied this vintage jacket with a black turtleneck and suit pants in the same shade. The color of his jacket is by no means trivial since the Earthshot Prize is awarded by the Royal Foundation to five laureates contributing sustainably to the preservation of the environment. Green is none other than a reference to the biodiversity that the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II tends to defend against global warming. Buckingham Palace aligned itself with this position with green lighting unveiled this Saturday, October 16.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive for the first ever @EarthshotPrize Awards #Royals #DuchessofCambridge

– Rookie (@ royalfocus1) October 17, 2021

I remember that Alexander McQueen dress! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive for tonight’s @EarthshotPrize

– Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) October 17, 2021

Prince William scored points

A faultless in the eyes of Internet users. Seeing Prince William alongside Kate Middleton, they could not help but express their approval, especially on Twitter. “They are beautiful, Kate is so beautiful and elegant and the velvet suits William so well,” remarked an anonymous. “They are beautiful!” Added another. Prince William is especially the happiness of his father, another convinced ecologist. Indeed, this Sunday, October 17, Prince Charles unveiled a touching press release in which he said he was “proud” of his eldest son for his commitment.

Prince William © AGENCE

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