It will soon be two years since Christine Kelly’s life changed completely. Indeed, between October 2, 2020 and November 19, 2021, the journalist was the target of numerous death threats, received by email: “The ax will inevitably fall on your well-made head”, and “your head will fall like a slate a stormy evening”, she had received in particular. Since then, the presenter of Face à l’info has had to live with bodyguards, named Gordanet Slaven: “It’s an absolutely major change. It has to be questioned. In the name of what am I protected? I just doing my job as a journalist. Nobody knows my political opinions. Not even my daughter. In reality, what did I do wrong?” she asks.

So even if being surrounded by bodyguards does not please Christine Kelly, they allow her to be able to move where she wants: “Thanks to them, I can go everywhere. Before, I thought a lot about each trip, I tried also to do my hair differently so as not to be recognized, she described. However, it is a freedom without expression. I am never alone. It is quite a paradox. Today, we are obliged to s ‘apologize for being neutral.’

Christine Kelly wants to fight for freedom of expression

Following the receipt of the various death threats, Christine Kelly reacted on social networks: “The desire to see me beheaded, the determination to send it to me by email will not change the ideas of each other. Everyone remains free . With or without me,” she wrote on Twitter. The journalist subsequently filed a complaint against X for death threats. A life turned upside down for her but also her daughter. But Christine Kelly does not want to give up and wants to fight for freedom of expression.

Christine Kelly © RACHID BELLAK

Lara T.
Lara T.

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