It was out of the question. In recent years, the series The Crown, broadcast on Netflix, has been telling the life of the royal family. Each season traces the story of Queen Elizabeth II from her youngest age to her reign. For this, the actresses were changed over time, to match the age of the sovereign. The people around the queen are also present, including Prince Philip and Prince Charles. A fifth season is being filmed and this one is already making a lot of talk about it. In an interview with the BBC on November 15, Earl Spencer, Lady Diana’s brother, said he had rejected a request for production of the series. This is a bit special since they wanted to shoot in his house. “They tried. They wanted to shoot here. But I don’t do that kind of thing,” he said at first. Subsequently, he said quite frankly: “I don’t watch the series so I just said” Thank you, but no thank you “, he concluded.

He had no choice. If Earl Spencer was able to refuse the request of the producers of the series, Prince William did not have a say. As revealed by The Sun on Monday, November 15, a sequence was shot inside Kensington Gardens. Less than half a mile away is the Duke of Cambridge’s entrance range. “They could have chosen any place to recreate this scene, but they chose to select a place that can almost be seen by William from his bedroom window,” a source told the tabloid. Afterwards, the same person wondered “how the production was able to obtain permission to use a royal park to film a particularly dramatic moment that the royal family was so deeply unhappy with,” we read. The scene in question? The arrival of Lady Diana at the annual charity party given by Vanity Fair in 1994. It was in a beautiful black strapless dress that she had appeared and it had caused a lot of talk since it had taken place following the announces the deceptions of Prince Charles. There is no doubt that Prince William will not appreciate when he will discover this sequence.

The Crown: what will this fifth season be about?

For this new season, the series will evoke the 1990s. A complicated period for the royal family since there were many controversies. There is first the divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as his controversial interview with Martin Bashir, a journalist at the BBC and which dates from 1995. During this, Lady Diana had mentioned her marriage, her problems of health and she had chained the confidences. A sequence that should never have been shot for the series since Princes William and Harry had requested that the images never be broadcast again.

Earl Spencer © Agency

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