He is not tender. The relations between Meghan Markle and her father are not easy and it is not Thomas Markle who will say the opposite. He doesn’t hesitate to publicly attack his daughter at any time. The latest? This Thursday, November 11. In an interview with GB News, Thomas Markle spoke of the Duchess’s apology for the biography Finding Freedom. Indeed, the wife of prince Harry indicated to have provided information to the authors of this one. “I recognize that Jason Knauf provided information to the authors and that he did so with my knowledge,” admitted the main concerned. For his part, Thomas Markle gave a very clear opinion. “I can not talk about it too much but I think she is trying to deceive everyone”, he first launched before clarifying: “I think she was lying”. Relieved that his daughter had publicly admitted her wrongdoing, Thomas Markle said: “The truth is finally coming out and thank goodness for Jason Knauf. I wish he would come someday so I could take him out for a steak,” he said. he concluded. Words that did not go unnoticed.

He’s fed up. During this interview, Thomas Markle did not hesitate to be very transparent about his relationship with his daughter which, according to him, is non-existent. “She hasn’t spoken to anyone about her family since she married Prince Harry,” he said first. Thus, the father of Meghan Markle made a radical decision and which did not go unnoticed. Indeed, in order for the Duchess of Sussex to get back in touch with him, he decided to attack her in the press to make her react. “I have already made it clear that I will continue to do this until she talks to me. I will do this at least once a month and maybe soon she will take the time to talk to me. this is childish, “assured Thomas Markle before adding:” It is time we all spoke together. We are from the same family. Subsequently, he did not hesitate to attack Prince Harry directly. “I think he abandoned the Queen, the Royal Family, the British and the Army. He abandoned everyone,” Thomas Markle lamented in GB News. Will he manage to get the main concerned to react?

Thomas Markle: what does he think of prince Harry?

In May 2018, Meghan Markle said “yes” to Prince Harry during a ceremony broadcast live. If the young woman seems to be very fulfilled, it seems that some members of her family are not of the same opinion. Indeed, Thomas Markle Jr. recently revealed that his father cannot stand the Duke of Sussex. “My dad doesn’t approve of it,” he first told Big Brother VIP before adding, “My dad says he couldn’t even protect those chickens in their backyard if he had to “. As a reminder, Thomas Markle has never met his son-in-law since he has been cold with his daughter since her marriage. However, the two spoke on the phone a few times.

Meghan Markle © Agency

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