By listening to her mom instincts, Toni saved the life of her daughter who could have died from a brain infection.

The facts date back to June 2021. At the time, little Harri caught a cold. His symptoms? Headaches and runny nose. After a week, her temperature skyrocketed and she started shivering. Worried, her mom Toni Tuson quickly took her to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with a virus. But the mother of the family felt that the situation was much more serious. So she asked for a blood test. “My gut told me it wasn’t just a cold. I had to force a blood test which showed markers of infection but we were allowed to leave,” she told The Sun. .

In the night, Harri got up to go to the bathroom and seemed totally out of place: “It looked like she had brain damage. I was terrified. One of her pupils was bigger than the other. J I learned later that she had had an epileptic fit.” Rushed to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London, the 12-year-old girl was placed in an induced coma for six days: “A scan showed she had a brain infection and they immediately gave her antibiotics. ” After a transfer to a trauma center and an MRI, the verdict was in: she suffered from meningoencephalitis.

“I’m glad I followed my instincts”

When doctors tried to wake Harri up on the fifth day of her coma, her left lung deflated, leaving the right side of her body completely paralyzed: “She wasn’t reacting – I thought she was in a state brain dead. She had no emotions and couldn’t make sentences.” Three days later, the teenager began to regain her functions. Bedridden for six weeks, she used a wheelchair for eight weeks before learning to walk again. Today, the pretty blonde is doing much better: “She is incredibly lucky to have survived without any sequelae. I’m glad I followed my instincts by sleeping in her bed, otherwise I don’t think she would be alive today. today.”


Lara T.
Lara T.

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