After her divorce, Katie Page moved to Castle Rock, Colorado. History of changing life after a difficult separation. She is 30 years old, she knows that her infertility problems will not allow her to be a mother, but she wants more than anything to start a family. She’ll adopt one day, that’s for sure, she told herself. In the meantime, she registers as a county foster family. She had barely moved in when she received a call from social assistance. A four-day-old baby has just been abandoned in the hospital. Would she be willing to take it on? The young woman accepts and welcomes the little boy into her home, whom she names Grayson.

A little less than a year later, a judge completely put an end to the parental authority of the parents of the baby. Katie loves this little guy who is now 11 months old and the life they lead together. “I did not hesitate for a moment to adopt it.” In the aftermath, a newborn is abandoned in this same hospital. Katie, again solicited, happily opens her door to this little girl, whom she names Hannah. And, very quickly, she notices similarities between the two children.

Thanks to a DNA test of the two children, there is not the slightest doubt!

“They both had the same dimple on their chin and the same birthmark on their body, she explains. And then, when I discovered the hospital bracelet, I saw that the first name of the mother of ‘Hannah was identical to that of Grayson’s mother…” The two babies also have the same story: they were exposed to methamphetamine during pregnancy and were abandoned in the same conditions. Katie is convinced: it can’t be a coincidence. “Everyone thought I was crazy, but my intuition told me there was something to dig into,” she recalls, still moved.

The adoptive mother then decides to investigate. She tracks down Hannah’s mother. The latter confirms to him that she gave birth to a boy about a year before the little girl. Wanting to get the story straight, Katie has the kids tested for DNA. The verdict is unequivocal: they are brother and sister! The young woman then decides to proceed with the adoption of Hannah. “They had to meet, it’s obvious …”, confides the happy mother.

Happiness never comes alone… Katie also found love

Chance works miracles. Today, Katie is 38, Grayson and Hannah are 5 and 4. Together, they decided to expand their family, welcoming a 4-year-old autistic boy, named Jackson. And then, Katie found love in the person of Joshua, himself a father of two toddlers. So here she is now at the head of a tribe of five children while continuing to take in infants temporarily as a foster family. No, happiness never comes alone!


Lara T.
Lara T.

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