“When my wife got a promotion and a big pay rise, I thought our money worries were behind us. But that was the start of our problems.” This is how a 37-year-old man began his letter to Deidre Sanders, the Sun’s regular adviser. The 30-year-old thus recounted how he discovered that his wife was cheating on him with his boss: “We have been married for 5 years. A few months ago, I noticed that our relationship had taken a turn. considerate of me but she became impatient. Our sex life went from exciting to non-existent.”

The man quickly realized that his partner was leading a double life: “His company had a party last summer and I understood. It was obvious that something was going on between this man and my wife. He never left her side. On the way home, I asked her questions but she told me I was jealous and paranoid.” Following this evening, his wife confided to him that he “needed space” before leaving “alone” for a few days. While rummaging on the net, the 30-year-old came across photos of the duo, acting like a couple. It did not take more for him to confess the whole truth to the wife of his wife’s boss.

Cheated on by his wife, he’s at rock bottom

“I am convinced that her boss gave her a promotion to get closer to her,” he lamented. Upset by this betrayal, the man ended his marriage: “My wife and I are now separated. I left home a month ago, but I’m having trouble getting over it. I have zero morale.” Touched by the distress of the thirties, Deidre Sanders suggested that he call listening centers if necessary: ​​“It is extremely painful when you discover that the loved one, in whom you trusted, has cheated on you. depression but don’t struggle alone. Lean on your family and friends, and ask your doctor for advice.”

TESTIMONY When my wife received a promotion I understood that she was cheating on me with her boss


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