It is a rather original mode of travel that Fiona and Michael Discombe have chosen. A way of traveling that takes them to the most remote corners of the globe. To choose their destination, they take into account only one criterion: the possibility of being naked from morning to evening.

The couple, who are in their 50s, adopted this way of life and vacation after their honeymoon more than twenty years ago. Since then, realizing that they preferred their nudity, they seek to satisfy their desires for travel and their particular vision of the latter.

A surprise discovery

During their honeymoon, Fiona and Michael fly to Greece. One day, they come across a beautiful, secluded cove. “I remember there was no one else in that cove except for a couple,” Fiona told the New York Post. “Then I noticed they were naked,” she added. Surprised, Fiona and her husband are not sure of their feelings on this subject at the beginning but quickly, they are convinced by the beauty of the place and settle there.

A total liberation

But, after a while, Fiona and Michael feel “uncomfortable” to be the only ones dressed. They end up undressing and running into the ocean feeling free. “I felt so liberated,” confided Fiona. “I was finally able to accept my figure and my forms without worrying about what people thought of me” she continued. “It was so liberating to feel the elements on bare skin and it made me want to be naked all the time,” she admitted.

Mocked and humiliated children

Fiona and Michael haven’t always known this sense of freedom about their bodies. Indeed, the two British claim to have often fought against the insecurity that their image gave them, from an early age. As a child, Fiona remembered being teased for hitting puberty at just 10 years old, long before her classmates. To avoid intimidation, she had chosen to wear only loose clothing concealing her figure. Michael himself was mocked for having gone through puberty later than his comrades.

Travel the world

Years later, going naked helped Fiona and Michael fall in love with their looks and the world in general. The couple have spent more than 19,000 euros exploring nudist spots across Europe and the Caribbean. Fiona does not hesitate to assert that this way of life is much more accepted outside of England where naturist resorts are often “shabby”. The couple was also heckled once during a naked walk. “Most people verbally abused us and called us perverts,” Fiona was still shaking. The only place they can get naked in England is ultimately their home.

Expand mindsets

“Our neighbors were shocked but after a while they forgot about it,” she said. “Now it’s no surprise for them when we are lounging in the garden,” she laughed. Passionate about promoting this lifestyle and the benefits it has brought them, Fiona and Michael now hope to visit as many naturist destinations as possible, including Thailand and Greenland. “We plan to retire abroad,” she slipped. If the couple does not try to convert everyone, they hope that nudism will be better understood and accepted. “If we can unravel the mystery of our way of life, we can encourage more people to gain confidence in their bodies. It’s just my body and I’m proud of it.

TESTIMONY We travel the world completely naked


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