Laura and Reece Dunn, from Nottinghamshire in England, saw their life change in April 2020. In full confinement, their daughter Isla-Mae suddenly fell ill. At the time, the mum thought it was just a cold but the doctors assured her the child was suffering from tonsillitis, a type of angina. Wrongly, since the girl, now 5 years old, was suffering from leukemia. “I was completely in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was not possible that she had cancer. My husband and I were in denial” confided the mother of the family at the Sun.

For two and a half years, Isla-Mae underwent treatment. The doctors placed a Hickman catheter in her to facilitate the administration of chemotherapy. Sessions which began while she was placed on an artificial respirator. A trying time for his parents. Especially since the doctors couldn’t wake her up. “They told me she died three times during the procedure,” Laura recalled. When her daughter caught the Covid in February 2021, the mother feared the worst: “It was during this period that we started planning her funeral.” It was without counting the incredible courage of his daughter.

Parents relieved for their daughter

Isla-Mae eventually went into remission. “She was given the green light after her last chemotherapy sessions on September 2. She rang the hospital bell to applause (…) We are so proud of her. What she has been through has been heartbreaking,” Laura said. More relieved than ever, she had organized a snack to celebrate this great victory against the disease. It will also be the first time in three years that the family has spent the holiday season outside of the emergency room: “It will be a special moment for us.” If the little girl still has to undergo checks for the next five years, she has regained her pretty smile and it is heartwarming!

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