Not all parents look favorably on the invention of Santa Claus. The reason ? They feel compelled to lie to their child about his existence, at the risk of disappointing their offspring a few years later. This is why some, like Mathew and Aurelian, have chosen not to take this path. The two Americans, aged 46 and 44 respectively, are the fathers of a little girl, named Helena. Now 9 years old, it was at the age of 3 that she learned the truth about Santa Claus. Indeed, according to Mathew, the little one was starting to ask more and more questions about the famous red and pot-bellied man. “She started asking questions, she had some knowledge about him,” the father of the family explains to the Mirror before adding: “At this stage most parents answer that he is real, but we have some decided otherwise.”

At this precise moment, Mathew and Aurelian decide to tell Helena the truth about Santa Claus, while offering the little girl to continue to pretend he exists if she wishes. “From what I say, we really have fun pretending”, assures Mathew before specifying “we decorate the house, we make cookies, we get up super early and we exchange gifts…”. In other words, a very classic Christmas, except that Helena knows that Santa Claus does not exist.

“Normalizing lying is not necessary in our society”

“We educate our child not to just ‘imagine’ but to play pretend, to encourage him to use his imagination and his creativity”, continues Mathew while fleshing out his reasoning: “Before adopting Helena, we made research on parenting and we thought about the psychological impact that lying could have. So we decided we would never cheat on her – parents don’t need to tell their kids that Santa Claus exists. Normalizing lying is not necessary in our society.”

TESTIMONY We refuse to make our daughter believe that Santa Claus exists


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